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Residential & Commercial Landscaping


residential landscaping

Residential Landscaping

We offer residential landscaping, your home is where you are most of the time and we want you to enjoy the outdoors and much as the indoors. In Mobile Alabama the weather year round lets you enjoy being outside. You want to make sure you have a beautiful lawn with well-maintained grass for your family and friends. Absolute Landscaping has the experience to transform your residential lot to a beautiful lush carpet of green grass with vibrant flowers and luxuriant shrubs.  

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residential yard maintenance

Our services are not limited to cutting grass and planting flowers. If you are not sure what kind of landscape you are looking for, look at our before and after pictures to get some landscape ideas!

The short winter seasons in Mobile Alabama give you a longer growing time. More growing moments mean more mowing and trimming is necessary. Our landscape staff is available for lawn needs on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule. It depends on how often your lawn needs landscaping. The seasons are unpredictable; the rains come and irrigation is very important when it comes to keeping a healthy lawn. We handle every aspect of your lawn maintenance so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery. We take care of trimming, cutting, watering, feeding and maintaining of your residential landscaping so you don’t need to. Our service includes getting rid of pesky weeds and other problems such as ants that can destroy your landscape design. Having family over for a gathering outside? We transform your yard into a beautiful venue. Some flower gardens attract butterflies while other gardens bring birds. Landscaping professionals work with you to determine what kind of plants and shrubs are perfect for your taste. Your landscape ideas are crucial in the design your residential landscaping.

We are experienced in building raised flower beds and vegetable gardens. If your yard is limited to a patio and side lot or you have acres of grass we are the residential landscaping professionals for you. Stunning flowers, shrubs and trees are available in many colors, shapes and sizes. There are flowers with strong fragrance, trees that offer large amounts of shade and even shrubs that help protect your home such as holly bushes. The beauty of your home will be lost if your yard isn’t well maintained. Call Absolute Landscaping Services today for assistance in transforming your yard into something worthy of a magazine. We are your residential landscaping experts!

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