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Residential & Commercial Landscaping


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Absolute Services of Mobile Alabama will make anything for your landscape. We build retaining walls, pathways, ponds, and much more. All you have to do is ask. We may even suggest we build something to add even more value to your residence or commercial landscaping. We create a vision that you will love and keep it within your budget. Our experts will have your landscape and hardscape looking great year round! Your hardscape will be one of a kind! You, and only you, will have that design. Absolute Services will guarantee you love the new and improved look!


Did you know that water has a soothing effect on most people? A pond or waterfall is a great way to relax your family or customers. The sound of running water is a soothing sound that can easily relax a person. We want your landscaping to be beautiful! Adding features like this will increase the value of your property! A water feature is a great addition to your landscaping. Soon you will be able to relax and enjoy all aspects of your hardscape!

We do designs for all different kinds of hardscape. We can add patios, retaining walls, and fencing. We do it all! Whichever one you prefer, we will install it. If your hardscape needs repair we can fix that. No need to try and do it yourself. We will always be there when you need us!

Fencing is a great way to keep your pets in your yard and unwanted people out. Fencing should not be an eye sore. Absolute Services will design a fence that will make your landscaping stand out. We have different types of fencing including wood, stone, chain link, and vinyl. You tell us how you want it built and the kind of material you need and we will do it. Our hardscape experts are ready today to install any kind of fencing you need.

Retaining walls are an easy way to reduce the risk of a landscaping disaster. Most retaining walls are used to hold up a wall of dirt to keep the flow of water deterred. These also help with the landscaping design. They are not always an eye sore. We build these to blend in with your surrounding landscape and put in plants and shrubs. This will make it seems like it was always a part of your landscaping design.

Our hardscape experts will give you what you want. Do not hesitate! We are ready and willing to give you the lawn of your dreams.  If you need entertaining space, call us! We will build a patio or a sitting area for your guests to enjoy. Your guests will be having a great time when we have finished. If you have a small grassy area and need an entertaining space, we can create a design that will give you plenty of seating and space as well as still having grass to walk around on. We will even build you a stone bench or fire pit to help with the cold nights. A fire pit is a great entertaining feature!  Stone benches will provide you with more areas to sit while looking like it belongs. A fire pit is great for outdoor cooking and cold nights when you just want to relax by a fire.

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