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Landscaping Design

Absolute Landscaping has been designing beautiful landscapes for decades around Mobile Alabama. We take the landscape picture in your mind and bring it to life! From large yards to small gardens and commercial properties or a backyard, we have the experience to make the most of your garden with flowers, trees and shrubs. Hiring a landscape designer to create the perfect design for you will save you time and money.

Often people are unaware that plants require certain soil and which ones need more water than others. What began as a peaceful project for you turns into a landscape designing and installation disaster without the help of a landscape professional.

A backyard is where families bond and make memories. Our backyard landscapers will make your area ready for entertaining. We will help you avoid costly mistakes by creating a landscape design for you. We can design your yard so it will require little maintenance on your part. We will install the right plant in the correct conditions to prevent them from needing replacement. We create your design by considering a few things such as sun exposure, shade, soil and your preference to flowers and shrubs. You are not required to come up with your own landscaping idea. However, if you would like, we would love to have your input on the designs for your yard so that we know how you would view it. If you would love to have a specific flower, plant, or anything else in your yard just let us know and we will find a way to incorporate it. Flowers are a great way to add color to a landscaping design and sometimes will add a pleasurable smell. Our landscapers have installed thousands of beautiful backyard and front yard designs with many different flowers and other landscaping materials. Take a look at our landscape pictures to get some ideas.  

Patio designing is especially popular in Mobile Alabama. People in the south love to sit outside and be surrounded by flowers, plants and shrubs. Absolute Landscaping incorporates local plants in your patio design to attract birds and butterflies. Our staff is well versed in flowers, trees and shrub life that grows naturally in lower Alabama to ensure your design will resist the temperatures and damaging wildlife. Contact us for designing ideas to improve your patio garden and make it picture perfect.

Absolute Landscaping boasts extensive experience in designing and creativeness when it comes to your yard. We offer outstanding creations that are customized for your property. There are many options to consider when you design your garden. It does not matter what kind of lawn or grass you have, we can design something that is ideal for you. We view every new landscape design as a challenge and keep you informed and up to date about your landscape project.

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